Dental Implants

Eximus Dental Implants makati


This section looks at the various types of dental implant restorations.

This includes a single restoration where only one crown (false tooth) is fitted through to a bridge and/or fixed dentures.

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Dental implants are favored over bridges and dentures as they are seen as a permanent and aesthetic solution to the problem of missing teeth. Plus they are strong and durable and fit in well with a busy lifestyle.

The term ‘restoration’ is used to refer to a false tooth. This tooth is then attached to the implant and looks and behaves in the same way as a natural tooth.

dental implants Makati
dental implants Makati


A restoration can involve a single tooth or several teeth, many of which can be attached to a single implant. The implant is inserted into the jaw and allowed to fuse with the bone in a process called osseointegration.

This process takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Once the gum has healed and fusion has taken place the implant is then ready for the attachment of a metal abutment. This device acts as an anchor for the restoration. There are several types of abutments which are designed to blend in with your natural teeth.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth using a mold which contains dental putty. You will be asked to bite into this putty so that the dentist has an imprint of your teeth.

dentist in makati
dentist in makati

This impression is sent to a laboratory for them to produce your new restoration. You will be fitted with a temporary restoration during this time.

This process is the same for both a single crown and multiple crowns.


The process is the same as mentioned above but with one difference. This involves the creation of several crowns which are then fixed to a bridge.

A bridge consists of a false tooth known as a pontic and two or more crowns (restorations) which are attached either side of it. This bridge slots into the space between your teeth caused by tooth loss and is supported by the other teeth.

The big difference between this and ordinary dentures is that a fixed bridge is cemented in place and cannot be removed each night.

Find out more about this in the bridges section, under general dentistry.


A denture is a device worn in the mouth to replace missing teeth. It can replace a few or all of your teeth. It consists of a plate with artificial teeth (restorations) attached to it and is worn on a daily basis.

But one of the problems with a denture is that of clicking noises or shifting around in the mouth. There are people who have badly fitting dentures or find that they have become lost, often due to changes in their jaw as part of the aging process.

One solution is a denture which is fixed in place with a dental implant. This is similar to a fixed bridge and removes the need to remove the dentures at night for soaking before replacing them in the morning.

The advantages of an implant retained denture are the reduced risk of trapped food particles underneath the plate which can lead to an infection: no risk of sores developing caused by friction of the denture: strong and lifelike: plus this is customized to your individual requirements.


Eximus Dental Implants in Makati offer over 35 years of experience with dental implant procedures, with over 5000 successful procedures check out their video:


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B & B tips

The breakfast you are going to be serving should satisfy the flavor of your clientele. To begin with, the food is going to be better. Yet again, in case you decide to go for them, you do not have to be worried about the food or music. This salad needs to have a number of greens in addition to some nuts and fruit.

The Beds and Rooms The beds given in each room should supply the comfort that every customer is searching for. Either kind of bed can be adjusted to alter the profile or contour of the bed in accord with the demands of the individual. Should you wish to establish a bed and breakfast make certain you remember the points written below. If you intend to begin a bed and breakfast assistance, here are a few things you have to bear in mind. It is extremely vital that you get a comfortable, large bed and they’re able to sometimes be quite costly. To be able to relax properly and experience a very good night’s sleep it is necessary that you pick the appropriate bed. If you receive a pine bunk bed with metallic frame, there’s a way to provide the metallic frame that log look once the covers are thrown back.

Whoever is holding the pillow have to select a parcel of paper and do the activity. Cowboy bedding can arrive in various packages. The Dan River bedding can be found in luxurious colors. Duvet covers come in an assortment of shades and themes. If you intend to buy hotel bedding, the organization is the correct manufacturer to approach.

If it’s the case that you already own Sterling Heights Michigan real estate, but will need to sell your house quickly, due to a work transfer, to steer clear of foreclosure or for different reasons, you also have options you might not know about. Should you need more reasons to search for a house in the Sterling Heights Michigan housing market, continue reading. You’re certain to relish your stay at Scarborough. Sleep is among the fundamental necessities to keep up a healthful life. Alas, few folks consistently obtain a good night’s sleep.

Bear that in mind as you are researching the many styles of beds. A wedding is a rather special day for both the groom and bride and all their families. Naturally, every amazing wedding has a number of the exact same characteristics. There you’ve got it, everything which you have to know to plan the ideal wedding in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Room prices are highly variable. Given the means of life a great many men and women have nowadays, it is genuinely hard to handle the price of a very long excursion. There’s a charge to go to the grounds and hotel itself for people who are not staying there.

There’s high requirement of bed and breakfast accommodation in Britain and a lot of the travelers are interested in a relaxing holiday to devote an outstanding time there. A fantastic choice is to remain in bed and breakfast guest houses. Not to worry, there are tons of alternatives available on the world wide web. Thus, it is quite a good alternative for individuals, who love to socialize and meet new men and women. You will receive many alternatives, contact information, and in a number of scenarios the costing as well for such properties. From here, you can get easy accessibility to the city’s most well-known attractions. It supplies a fairly beachfront view.

Unlicensed lodgings represent an increasing change to the hospitality market. The lodging is a simple means to save a little money on your honeymoon. For the company person traveling there are lots of accommodations to pick from. A self-catering accommodation is ideal for them who would like to enjoy their complete freedom during the vacation. On the opposite hand, if you’re staying at a hotel, you are going to be offered a big breakfast menu. It’s not possible for a hotel. By comparison, hotels are normally found in the center of the city or near airports and highways.

There are plenty of lovely shops to explore, and quite a good choice of restaurants. There are a number of intriguing shops which sell things like clothing, gifts, and candies. You cannot take your vehicle over to the island and have to park on the mainland. The ferry ride takes around 15 minutes. You’ve got to stay at least one time at Rabbit Hill. It may be a lovely lake, but be sure living there’ll be the lovely experience you are searching for as well. As you stop by these campgrounds to the other side of the U.S. you don’t have to be concerned about staying in contact with your family and company contacts.

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Filipino Lightweight Blocks

Liteblock:  The Premier Manufacturer Of Lightweight Blocks In The Philippines

Hollow Blocks now have a light strong competitor in the form of Liteblock that’s produced in the Philippines and offers a whole host of advantages compared to every other type of LightWeight Hollow Block.

Liteblock is based on the production around Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology and is LightStrong & Eco-Friendly.

Lightweight Blocks In The Philippines

Lower Than The Hollow Block Price

The install, material, masonry labor cost VS AAC Blocks is much cheaper FAST & EASY INSTALLATION Installed similar to hollow blocks while being 2-3X faster to install. Faster and Easier Installation as they are similar to hollow blocks while being up to 3 times faster to install.

LightStrong & Durable

As aerated concrete has a 400-500psi compressive strength. Liteblock is ideal for non-load bearing walls.

Thermal Insulation

At just 4” thick LITEBLOCK™ has the same if not more insulating properties as a 20” thick hollow block wall.


Constructed of Micro Air Bubbles in LITEBLOCK™ provides perfect sound insulation.


LITEBLOCK™ is 50% lighter than other hollow blocks.


LITEBLOCK™ can be cut down, it can be sawn, it can be drilled, it can be chiseled, and screwed similar to working with timber


So What is LITEBLOCK™?

LITEBLOCK™ is a lightweight and insulating walling block that is far cheaper in cost and much faster to install than traditional alternatives such as concrete blocks.

How much does LITEBLOCK™ cost?

The installed and rendered cost of LITEBLOCK™ is around 10% lower than that of concrete hollow blocks. *Cost Comparison is installed cost with all materials, rebars, labor, and rendering included (As per actual construction estimate).

How long does LITEBLOCK™ take to install?

As per actual on-site experience, LITEBLOCK™ is about 2-3x faster to install than Hollow Blocks. Installation is simple and can easily be taught within an hour.


Filipino Lightweight Blocks

What is the spacing of the rebars?

LITEBLOCK™ is installed with 10mm bars spaced 0.5m vertically and 0.6m horizontally.

Does LITEBLOCK™ need special adhesives and mortar?

No. Since LITEBLOCK™ is made mainly of cement and sand, it readily adheres to

What is the strength of LITEBLOCK™?

LITEBLOCK™ has a compressive strength of 400 to 500 psi – ideal for non-loadbearing walls.

Can I use LITEBLOCK™ for external walls?

Yes. 4” thick Liteblocks are safe to use for external walls. Structural computations can be provided upon request.

Does LITEBLOCK™ insulate from heat?

Yes, LITEBLOCK™ has 5 times insulating properties than CHB. To put it simpler, a 4” thick LITEBLOCK™ wall has the same insulating property as a 20” hollow block wall. This insulating property is what also gives LITEBLOCK™ its high fire resistance of up to 4 hrs.


How is LITEBLOCK™ finished?

For interior walls, only an 8mm think mortar rendering is required. Exterior walls require only 15mm thick rendering to help with weatherproofing. Only 1:2 or 1:3 cement:sand mixture is needed.




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Boracay Yacht Party

Boracay Yacht Party

The Best Yacht Party In Boracay

If you are looking for the best Yacht Party in Boracay then look no further then the Manic Monkey Crew.  A must is a good Booze Cruise and there’s no better place to enjoy one than in Boracay. Yes, the most amazing island in the world hosts some of the most pristine and crystal clear waters, what better place to enjoy yacht party.

The Manic Monkey Crew is owned by two very colorful characters called Stacy (a guy btw) and Ann who offer travelers who want to let loose and let’s say enjoy a Boracay Booze Cruise the best day out.

Boracay Yacht Party
Best Yacht Party In Boracay

The Boracay Yacht Party is for party goers who want to get off the land, feel the wind in their hair and enjoy free booze, tasty prepared food whilst getting down to a top Filipino DJ playing kicking house tunes.

If you are looking to let your hair down and meet really cool people from all over the world beautiful and enjoy a boat trip that is genuine value for money then look no further than the Manic Monkey Crew as your number one go-to choice for a Boracay Yacht Party.

Manic Monkey is the premier party and event coordinator based in the Philippines with events held regularly in Boracay Island and nearby areas.


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Tips From A Cebu Plumber

Cebu Plumber

In the case of lower water pressure following on from a shutdown in your building in Cebu. From time to time the water may be shut off in your building so that individual owners can repair plumbing valves in the apartments.
On occasion when the water is turned on again, sediment may get clogged in sink faucet aerators and your shower heads. Carefully unscrew and thoroughly rinse out the aerators and shower heads to remove any sediment that may be stopping water flow, this should restore the water pressure.

How To Avoiding Clogged Drains

Here are some useful tips that will help prevent clogged drains from happing in the future:
1. Always cover drains with food catchers, also called strainers which you can pick up at most hardware stores. The investment is worth it to keep anything from entering the drainage pipes that may cause a clog.
2. Always run hot water down a drain after each and every use. The reason is hot water washes away fresh buildup, allowing it to flow down the drain and prevent sediment from to sticking to the sides of the pipes.
3. Add baking soda to your drains and then run the hot water. Baking soda is a good natural cleaner and will aid in removing bad smells. Also, bleach and vinegar are other great cleaners for drains (but it’s not a good idea to mix them together).

Remedies for a Clogged Drain

Although hardware shops sell a range of chemicals to help clear your drain, these products are can be strong and harsh and can lead to actual damage to the pipes.
In allot of cases these products just move the clog further down the drain which can cause more of backup down the line.

If you are faced with a clogged drain, then these home remedies could do the trick:
1. Pour some boiling water down the drain. Alo add salt to help in breaking up the clog.
2. Use vinegar and baking soda together into. Let the combination foam for 5 to 10 minutes and then follow up with boiling water.
3. Make sure you use the correct type of plunger for the job in hand. If you don’t happen to have water standing in the sink or tub, simply add some to aid the plunger to get far better suction also remember to always cover the overflow when plunging.



Tips to Keep The Rubbish Disposal Running Correctly

Rubbish disposals are good for getting rid of unwanted waste, old food etc.
Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your disposal unit and prevent jam ups and clogs.
1. Run your rubbish disposal on regularly. Even if you don’t have any waste, turn on the water and run the every few days to keep the parts moving around. Otherwise, the disposal can freeze or corrode; and any leftover food inside can harden up, leading to bad small and clogs.
2. Run the cold water, not the hot water when using the disposal. Hot water works for cleaning most things, but not your disposal. Hot water may melt your food the disposal is attempting to grind
up, making the waste to cling to the sides. Cold water hardens food, making it much easier for the disposal to grind it up and push it out through the drain.
3. After your disposal has finished grinding up all the waste, keep it running for a minute. This will ensure all the food has been flushed through the drain and will prevent clogs. It’s also a good idea to run cold water and some soap down the drain after you’ve finished grinding the waste. This will help in cleaning out the disposal and make sure nothing is left behind or is clinging to the sides.
4. Your disposal is only so big, and the blades in the motor are only so powerful, so don’t feed it big chunks of meat or fruit. Take it easy, cut waste into small chunks, and only put in a few bits in at a time. This will prevent overworking the disposal and clog or be jamming it up or even worse breaking it altogether.
5. Soap and cold water will help towards keeping the disposal clean, but every so often put some peel from a lemon, or lime at your disposal. This will help clear excess waste and eliminate any bad odors.

What Not to Put In Your Disposal

Allot of foods don’t grind up very easily, so avoid putting the following items down the disposal:
• Oil and grease can congeal inside the disposal and cause clogs in the drain.
• Potato peel contains a lot of starch which tends to cling to the sides, this makes it difficult to flush out into the drain.
• Metal, plastic and glass, plastic can jam or blunt the blades of a disposal.
• Large bones or pits can also blunt the blades, jam the disposal, and become lodged in the drain.
• Foods, such as pasta and rice contain starch which can cling to the disposal. Water can cause them to expand in the disposal and cause clogging.
If you still continue have water pressure problems, a clogged sink or your rubbish disposal has problems, please call you qualified Cebu plumber to fix the repairs for you. Also Check out Plumbing In Cebu Facebook and Plumbing Cebu Twitter 

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How to start a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign for your hotel

In recent times hotels recognize the significance of the web and how it could make to their business.

Presently, it is now not tough to get to the very best factor of Google within the occasion that you will pay to reveal up as a supported connection, wherein you provide for the placement and each time any person taps to your advert you pay. Be that as it is able to, as competition for the keyword phrases expands so do the expenses and inns won’t have the capability to endure to proceed with percent until the quit of time.

The savvy approach to show up at the very best factor of the natural scores, on Google that is just under the supported connections (often 3) which show up on most internet searcher comes about pages, is to direct a search engine optimization warfare to get Google and the other internet crawlers to listing your website substance and return it in listing gadgets. the other truth is that when you get towards the best factor of the ratings, it will become a first-rate deal less annoying to remain there seeing that one of the keys elements Google takes a gander at is the repute (hobby) of a website and by way of being high on the consequences you may get more movement.

So how might you start an SEO marketing campaign?

Accepting which you as of now have a first rate, applicable vicinity name and have admittance to a content management device (CMS) to refresh your web page, right here are the absolute maximum important steps that you’re marketing group can do earlier than you make use of a search engine optimization authority.

1. Inquire about your focused keywords the first and maximum essential stride is to determine out what are the most crucial catchphrases or terms, generally 2 or three words, for that you want your web site to show up on the internet?
you know your accommodations superior to any other. So discover the key expressions, in all likelihood in the location of 10 and 20, which you agree with that customers will use to kind into the search engine and pick out together with your lodge. (E.g. “lodging across the neighborhood place name”)

2. Pick the right web page titles in your web page pages

After you have got chosen your keywords, the subsequent stride is to region them in positive territories of your site pages. The name of your internet site page is the main element that any web crawler will read and take as a variable to rank your site – you could see the page title. Your landing page name ought to comprise your fundamental 2 or, alternatively, 3 targeted on keyword phrases. The numerous pages of your site ought to have to identify diagnosed with the substance of that separate web page. (E.g.) the key-word expression “lodge nearby name” could show up in the web page name.

3. Set up meta descriptions

Although Google has said they don’t read meta labels content if you place you’re focused on keywords inside the meta description and a one line portrayal about that website web page in the meta descriptions, several other internet indexes will anyhow study them and on the off chance that you are not stuffing catchphrases which are unessential to the page content then Google might be not going to punish you.

4. Make one in every of a kind content for every internet site page. Your site pages ought to have novel substance portraying the accommodations protected administrations and places of work. The substance ought to contain the catchphrase states which can be in the title of the page. professionals say which you ought to make use of your centered on catchphrase country 2-three times for each two hundred words.

5. Make a blog

Google gets energized by new and particular substance and a blog possesses all the essential features. utilize a business blog to speak along with your customers approximately something happening in the inn and extraordinarily imperatively refresh at standard interims. some instances each week is fantastic. Articles don’t need to be long and the period of they identify with your hotel then that is fantastic. perhaps do not forget inquiring management to present comments to the blog on a flip premise. for example, the culinary expert can discuss what nourishment is normal, the eatery director about the changed wine list and so on. WordPress or Blogspot are anything but difficult to make use of and set up.

6. Survey your site positions for the keyword phrases

Having put within the paintings to get the catchphrases states right and inside the proper locations at the net pages, you will need to comprehend that it has worked. Direct some sincere ventures yourself in your key expressions and document the placement every watchword expression accomplishes and the web page it’s miles indicating. I endorse you do this every 10-14 days and preserve a report to peer the development. on the off threat that you are improving then remarkable, if besides you begin to drop down then you definitely ought to remember rolling out some improvements to the watchwords or substance on that web page. you should buy programming to robotize this or if and while you delegate a set organization they could run postulations reviews for you furthermore might.

8. make use of net-based totally social networking websites to increase the accommodations Twitter and Facebook are a part of the stylish expressions these days in on-line networking enterprise your hotel ought to be spoken to on them. setting up your accommodations profile on those and comparative sites are must and afterward utilize them to have a first rate time.

Good luck and hope your search engine results improve.



Octopus SEO are our SEM specialists who have helped put are specific digital marketing strategy together for our clients. Based in Cebu (Philippines) they specialize in helping local businesses vastly improve their search engine results.

Our good friend and founder Walter Lewis works with small businesses all around the world and you can find out more about Octopus SEO here.

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