Liteblock:  The Premier Manufacturer Of Lightweight Blocks In The Philippines

Hollow Blocks now have a light strong competitor in the form of Liteblock that’s produced in the Philippines and offers a whole host of advantages compared to every other type of LightWeight Hollow Block.

Liteblock is based on the production around Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology and is LightStrong & Eco-Friendly.

Lightweight Blocks In The Philippines

Lower Than The Hollow Block Price

The install, material, masonry labor cost VS AAC Blocks is much cheaper FAST & EASY INSTALLATION Installed similar to hollow blocks while being 2-3X faster to install. Faster and Easier Installation as they are similar to hollow blocks while being up to 3 times faster to install.

LightStrong & Durable

As aerated concrete has a 400-500psi compressive strength. Liteblock is ideal for non-load bearing walls.

Thermal Insulation

At just 4” thick LITEBLOCK™ has the same if not more insulating properties as a 20” thick hollow block wall.


Constructed of Micro Air Bubbles in LITEBLOCK™ provides perfect sound insulation.


LITEBLOCK™ is 50% lighter than other hollow blocks.


LITEBLOCK™ can be cut down, it can be sawn, it can be drilled, it can be chiseled, and screwed similar to working with timber


So What is LITEBLOCK™?

LITEBLOCK™ is a lightweight and insulating walling block that is far cheaper in cost and much faster to install than traditional alternatives such as concrete blocks.

How much does LITEBLOCK™ cost?

The installed and rendered cost of LITEBLOCK™ is around 10% lower than that of concrete hollow blocks. *Cost Comparison is installed cost with all materials, rebars, labor, and rendering included (As per actual construction estimate).

How long does LITEBLOCK™ take to install?

As per actual on-site experience, LITEBLOCK™ is about 2-3x faster to install than Hollow Blocks. Installation is simple and can easily be taught within an hour.


Filipino Lightweight Blocks

What is the spacing of the rebars?

LITEBLOCK™ is installed with 10mm bars spaced 0.5m vertically and 0.6m horizontally.

Does LITEBLOCK™ need special adhesives and mortar?

No. Since LITEBLOCK™ is made mainly of cement and sand, it readily adheres to

What is the strength of LITEBLOCK™?

LITEBLOCK™ has a compressive strength of 400 to 500 psi – ideal for non-loadbearing walls.

Can I use LITEBLOCK™ for external walls?

Yes. 4” thick Liteblocks are safe to use for external walls. Structural computations can be provided upon request.

Does LITEBLOCK™ insulate from heat?

Yes, LITEBLOCK™ has 5 times insulating properties than CHB. To put it simpler, a 4” thick LITEBLOCK™ wall has the same insulating property as a 20” hollow block wall. This insulating property is what also gives LITEBLOCK™ its high fire resistance of up to 4 hrs.


How is LITEBLOCK™ finished?

For interior walls, only an 8mm think mortar rendering is required. Exterior walls require only 15mm thick rendering to help with weatherproofing. Only 1:2 or 1:3 cement:sand mixture is needed.




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